Getting to know Auckland

Getting to know Auckland

Posted on 13. Dec, 2010 by in Blogs

Sky JumpWith a few weeks before A arrives it’s time to get to know my new home a little more! Its also time to look for work to pay my rent!

Herein begins the work saga many may have already heard about! I duly did the normal thing and sent my cv out to various agencies, and tried to get a bar job (admittedly only one!) and in the process stumbled across a job selling badges for charity. I’m not going to lie and say this is my dream job, far from it – I generally avoid these people like the plague! However beggars can’t be choosers…so I spent a few days on this job (majority unpaid!) Started off with a nice little jaunt around with 2 of the people that worked there seeing how it’s done, followed by an unexpected abandoning in a part of the city neither Jess or I had ever been to, so we navigated the buses and pavements back to Ponsonby! Then back in for a training day – a day of learning about ‘marketing’ would you believe! Then in again for DAY 1 at work. I went to Sylvia Park Mall and struggled all day to be one of those people I avoid…and at the end of it sold a grand total of 23 badges, pocketing me a grand total of $29.9 for a 9 hour day. Lets not forget the tax that needs to come off that… making it $23 net. Need I say more? I didn’t go back…. that barely paid my rent and I needed to spend more on alcohol to recover from the shock!

So as I joined the world of unemployment again I naturally went to a couple of beaches. I revisted Devonport by car and had a chippy on the beach – this pretty much decided for me that I wouldn’t have another chippy in New Zealand because as far as I can tell they’re all along the lines of McCain Oven Fries…put in the deep fat fryer! Another trip to the top of another volcanoe – luckily in the car. I would like to say it was exciting at the top, but I was promised tunnels of which there were none, so the views were the best part.

Life became a little boring for a while, mainly spending time in my new home – Ponsonby Library! Lots of time spent at my hostel home as well, a few hostel nights in with lots and lots of food – something I can safely say I think is a brilliant use of my time, both cooking and eating!

Dan arrived back from his family road trip with Sarah (the dog) and so we took her on a walk and I saw the Domain, with a little walk down ‘Lovers Lane’  ha ha. The next day we went to Piha beach and saw Lion Rock. This beach is amazing and empty! Of course treated myself to a ‘Piha Pie’. Although I’m not sure it was anything other than just another pie – and I should really stop eating them! It’s summer after all, not winter!  The evening held my first night out in Auckland…and my word I felt it the next day! It seems there’s a difference between drinking in the hostel and drinking in a bar, and my alcohol tolerance clearly wasn’t built up by drinking almost every night! An early start to wave Dan and Sarah off probably didn’t help!

However the hangover was cured/forgotten the next day as we pottered along the road to Grey Lyn Festival. I didn’t expect very much, I thought it would be more along the lines of a village fete than a festival but was proven wrong! It was much more than a village fete, with bands and stalls and all the makings of a mini Guilfest! So out came the beers of course, and the rain in true festival style!

Now the bit you’ve all been waiting for…the Sky Tower Jump! dun dun duuuunnn! I managed to get a jump for free thanks to Hannah, so I was up and at the Sky Tower for 10.30am on a Sunday morning! Obviously I thought it was best to go first so that I wouldn’t have to wait at the top! I get all harnessed up, out on the ledge, it’s all very nice and there’s a lot of chit chat. Then comes the cord being attached to my back – yes thank you I like the safety! Next the instructions…”hold onto these 2 cords, I’ll count you down and then you just need to take a step over the edge”. My brain processed this, said it wasn’t too difficult to manage – let go, step. Ok. Let’s do this!

3…2…1…Brain says “Step…Let Go”, Body says “Ok, Step…”, Brain changes its mind “NO NO NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Bring that foot back in!” So the result was 3,2,1…foot swings out, foot comes straight back in again! I’m not going to lie, it took a little while and a few more countdowns to get me over the edge.  I’ll get the video up as soon as I work it out so you can see what I mean and have a little chuckle!

My final week (3 days) in Auckland was kick started with a visit to Mt Eden and the crater in the middle caused by the volcano, a prank on Ben by hiding in the boot of the car and surprising him (video on facebook!). It ended with rain and DVDs! Then A arrived… and thats where the travelling fun beings!

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  1. Jaime

    13. Dec, 2010

    Sorry to hear you havent found a decent job yet. I hope you find one soon so you can pay rent.

    I liked the jumping part of the post got me all into it. I am glad you jumped. I’d love to see the video but am sure it would take forever to load.

    Cheers & good luck on the job hunt!!!

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  2. Calum

    13. Dec, 2010

    LOL at your jump. Glad you’re having a good adventure

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  3. Heather

    04. Feb, 2011

    How amazing is the Sky Jump — just saw the video you linked to when replying to Jaime 🙂

    For some reason your tweets haven’t been popping up in my list recently so I’ll have to get that sorted!!

    Hope the job search process is going better by now

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  4. Jay

    07. Feb, 2011

    Quality Fenton!

    You got some balls! Only jumping I did at the Sky tower was on the glass floors you look down from and I though that was badass!

    Hope all is well dude.

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  5. Gerard ~ GQ trippin

    27. Sep, 2011

    Glad I found another blogger from NZ. We’re looking for great resource sites on NZ, and looks like we found another winner. It’s great that you’re in Auckland because that’s where we’re starting our RTW! We’ll be celebrating NYE in Auckland as well! Any special tips for me & my GF?
    Gerard ~ GQ trippin recently job quit me. now what?My Profile

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  6. Sarah

    03. Jan, 2018

    I always wanted to try jumping but I have fear of heights. I’m so jealous.

    Sorry to hear you havent found a decent job yet.
    Sarah recently posted..4 Best Things to do in your Campervan Near AucklandMy Profile

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