Scaling the Sky Tower

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Sky Tower

View from the bottom

What better way to contribute to blog4NZ than starting off with a piece about the Sky Tower! This building is unmissable when visiting Auckland and even more so at night when it’s glowing in the sky. Most recently it’s been red and black showing solidarity with those in Christchurch – how could it not get a mention if only for that?

It’s 325 metres tall and the largest structure in the Southern Hemisphere. It finds it’s way into so many of your photos and it’s a great marker for the city centre. Where else will you get views this high and for so far!

You can pick and choose how much entertainment you want to get for your money….a quick coffee, a leisurely lunch or dinner, a walk round the observation decks or how about a Sky Jump or Sky Walk?

Most popular seems to be the observation decks – starting with the 186m Obervation Level and progressing to the 220m Sky Deck. When you get in that lift to shoot up to the top your stomach says you’re going skywards. Your eyes confirm it as you catch lightning fast glimpses of the city as you shoot past the windows! It’s all worth it when you get there and see the views of Auckland and beyond. Pick a clear day and you’re in for a treat! Test your nerves indoors by walking on the glass floor panels and looking down below, or leaning on the floor to ceiling glass windows up on the Sky Deck – you won’t fall through I promise!

There’s more entertainment to be had when you look at the people either bravely walking around the outside with no handrail, or the people seeking a thrill and doing the Sky Jump. At 192m high and a small target circle surrounded by concrete indicating where you have to land you need to work up a bit of nerve. There’s always a group of people staring up from the street hoping to see the next fool who is going to step off – it could be you!

This is what I told myself when I found myself heading there on a Sunday morning. The video’s at the bottom for those of you who want to have a chuckle, the brain power required to step off that ledge was not present the day I jumped. I’m only glad that there’s no sound on my video 🙂

Aside from that the Sky Tower is a perfect marker. Ever been lost without a map? No worries so long as you know how to get home from the Sky Tower you’ll never be lost again!

As a backpacker the discount comes as a nice little bonus when you get to the entrance. Tourist attraction it definitely is, but perhaps something to put on your agenda anyway, if only to say “Yes I did it!”

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3 Responses to “Scaling the Sky Tower”

  1. Jeni

    21. Mar, 2011

    Just seen the video of your sky jump… mamma mia!! You were very brave!! xx

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  2. rhys

    25. Apr, 2011

    how much money do you need to go up the sky tower.

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    • Dayle

      25. May, 2011

      It’s $28 for an adult or $18 if you have a backpackers card such as BBH or YHA (or if you’re a student)

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